How to Make Love to a Man

Conventional wisdom seems to state that learning how to make love to a man is easier than learning how to make love to a woman. This is based on the idea that men are less discriminating sexually than women, which makes them more readily eager to engage in sex.

This, along with men traditionally being the ones who are more active or dominant during sex, leads to the preconception that how to make love to a man isn’t necessarily something that requires a lot of knowledge or experience.

Not true. Not all orgasms are created equally.

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While having an orgasm for a man is generally speaking not difficult to accomplish
(sometimes it’s too easy, but that’s another story), this doesn’t always mean that an
orgasm accounts for a great sexual experience.

Few things compare, for a man, to having had such a wildly satisfying lovemaking 
session that memories in the form of images and sensations keep appearing days,
even weeks after it happened.

Here are a few tips on how to make love to a man in a way that will strengthen his
commitment to you 
and to the relationship.

  • Men love to be validated. They love being told that they’re great at
    something, especially in bed, or that they have a great certain physical
    attribute that drives you crazy.

Men love to know that they are good providers (in this case, of pleasure and satisfaction).
Find something physical you like about him and which makes him special to you; and
during foreplay or lovemaking, refer to it and praise him for it.

But praise it by showing that it turns you on sexually. Become enthralled in that attribute
you’re referring to, touching it, caressing it, massaging it as if it were the only thing in
the world. 
And as you're doing it, you can add looking at him in the eyes, which will
probably drive him wild.

(This also works wonders with oral sex.)

The next tip we’ll give you in the process of learning how to make love to a man is: 

  • Change what’s routinely expected from you in bed.  

If you’re usually the shy and passive type during lovemaking, take an opportunity to be
more proactive and ‘wild’. Try positioning yourself on top, or wear some sexy lingerie
and walk up to him in all four, like a wild cat, grinding your body against his. 

Conversely, if you’re usually aggressive, play the submissive and introvert role,
innocently letting him ‘have his way’ with you.  
The important thing is, change it up,
show some versatility, and pay attention to what makes your man click along the way! 

And our last tip of the day… 

Women and men’s rhythm and timing when making love are often different. A woman
may need more time to build up and reach her climax, while men usually get there
sooner. When the man reaches a certain threshold during lovemaking, there’s no
going back. And as you may have noticed, once they get to that point of no return and
they reach an orgasm, it may take them a while to be ready for seconds. 

So, our last tip in the road to learning how to make love to a man is: 

  • Pay attention for signs that this point of no return is about to be reached,
    and slow down what you’re doing.

Sometimes, you may have to stop altogether. And after a good minute or two, slowly go
back to what you were doing. 

You may need to do this again and again. This will not only prolong his pleasure and
his endurance (which the majority of men feel they have issues with), but it will also
prolong your own pleasure, which will allow you to reach new levels of ecstasy and

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